Welcome to Martyn Lane Golf Signs

Welcome to Martyn Lane Golf Signs

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About Martyn Lane Golf Signs

We are all very aware first impressions have always been key, so by making sure you members or visitors first time visit to the club is a memorable one is so important. Creating a warm friendly welcome and with clear directional signage to get you to your point of contact will not only help in making their visit as easy as possible but will also assist with keeping play moving.

Moving from tee to tee

From booking in at the pro-shop to getting you out onto the tees is just the start, you then need to make sure the players can move from tee to tee with ease. Once the round is finished its key to get players to the locker areas and your clubhouse to spend money to bring in revenue if their visit to the course has been enjoyable then you are more likely to see them staying longer at the complex.

This visit needs to be enjoyable so they not only return but they go out and sing your praises and when they do return they bring guests with them your best form of advertising. We want our products to fulfil their roll both on and off the course, this will then help and assist members and visitors alike to enjoy their golf and giving your members a sense of pride in their club for years to come.

Hardwood, Powder Coated, and more!

How we work

We work in a selection of materials, ranging from hardwood, powder coated aluminium, composite aluminium, stainless steel, etched zinc, cast coat, together with cast bronze and recycled plastics both standard and top end. Also reconstructed stone, granite and many more. Another being Accoya, a relatively new soft wood which has been chemically changed to give years of rot free service.

Most of our signs lend themselves to sponsorship so make sure yours work for you creating a good source of revenue for the club. Tee signs and the large weekly event/course information signs are very popular for this, so make sure they earn their money for you.

Special effects

We have special effects available on various materials so if the club is looking for something special for centenaries etc, the superb cast coat product can give you a fantastic looking sign that is perfect for the job.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and working with you on bespoke projects not only for special events such as centenaries but for one off pieces of furniture or special signs.
Speak to us today and let’s make these ideas become reality .