Gallery of Bespoke Products

We will work closely with you on any bespoke products you may require. Here are a few examples we have produced. Our team of joiners and fabricators will make sure we produce a sign or product we can both be proud of for many years to come in both hardwood and aluminium.

Iroko hardwood club washer and matching litter bins.

Understated post with inset etched zinc plate with sanded finish.

Adare ball bespoke washer bin.

Adare bin ball washer & bench.

Iroko hardwood 6 bay bag stands with inset logo ends (other sizes available).

Iroko hardwood cool box.

Iroko hardwood bay dividers with composite logo ends.

Adare Free standing.

Adare Free standing.

A3 locking cabinet mounted to hardwood frame with inset etched zinc logo.

6 bay bag stand.

Hardwood litter bin.

Single Bag Stand.

Arch top range distance A board with changeable numbers and inset cast coat logo.

Tee caddy with lid.

Tee caddy with lid.

Large shoe cleaner station with logo.

Changeable golfers name holder with inset cast coat logos.

Low-level distance A board for Par 3 holes, changeable numbers and inset etched zinc logo.

Arch top range distance A board with inset etched zinc logo.

Point of Play marker with engraved logo and painted top band.

Point of Play markers with attached composite aluminium plate.

Litter bin / Ball Washer Station with logo.

Single podium with umbrella, with 6 bay bag stand in the background at Adare Manor.

Adare car park.

Double podium being finish ready to go to Adare Manor.

Large recycling bin for Adare Manor.

Adare podium & umbrella.

Chunky twin posted slope Hcap board at Bristol & Clifton.

Double podium being finish ready to go to Adare Manor.

Bearwood lakes podium.

Twin posted slope sign at Bristol & Clifton.