Hardwood – Slimline Tee Posts

Gallery of Hardwood Slim-Line Tee Posts

We use Iroko Hardwood finished with a micro porus oil for all our hardwood products unless stated.

This allows the wood to move and breath naturally, making yearly maintenance a simple task.

Lacquers and varnishes will crack and flake in time, causing a major headache to maintain.

Our most popular post with insert single laminated composite plate. The post has a top recess which can be painted to designated tee colour.

Understated post with inset etched zinc plate with sanded finish.

Standard post with inset composite plates & painted top band.

Slimline post with cast bronze inset plate and larger size sponsor panel in composite aluminum with vinyl graphic applied.

Slimline post with twin inset composite aluminium plates. Lower plate could also be used as small sponsor panel.