Gallery of Woodtec Products

We have been searching for many years for a recycled / resin type product that actually looks more like wood than the standard recycled plastic . We are delighted with the results woodtec product and this looks a real class act . It may be more expensive but once seen I am sure you it is well worth going the extra mile. Shown below are just a few of the products we have supplied so far.

131 woodtec picnic benches for Adare Manor.

Woodtec finger post at Torquay.

Woodtec twin posted general information sign.

Woodtec Wisley driveway.

Woodtec Wisley twin recycling bin.

Woodtec Wisley water cooler stations & apple boxes.

Woodtec single post with inset composite plate.

Woodtec tin posted peeked top with composite panels.

Torquay twin posted woodtec signs ready for delivery.

Sngle post waiting to go out.

Forrest Little posts ready to go out.

Woodtec tin posted peeked top with composite panels.